A real-time tactical RPG

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Blade Prince Academy is based on a Hub & Mission gameplay loop. Take advantage of gameplay phases in the academy where you can manage your team, your gear, your consumables, etc.


As a Tactical RPG, Blade Prince Academy uses a lot of features such as pacts, relationship system, skill trees and tactical pause.

Unique world

Blade Prince Academy is set in the world of Tenebrae that was created by the founder of our studio, and first released as books. Book 1 is already available on our website shop.angelcorp.org

The game takes place in Abjectalia, founded by dark forces that rule over the city. These renowned mages decided to create Blade Prince Academy, a school designed to train teenagers to become overpowered assassins or mages under the orders of the dictatorship.

However, this city is divided into districts that are all more dangerous than each other. So you will take control of these students and try to complete quests in different areas to discover the darkest secrets of Abjectalia!


Build your team

Achieve your goals with a 4-hero team and take advantage of the synergies between them. Create the best team by choosing from 12 unique heroes: from a sniper to tanks, assassins, healers, and many others to discover in Blade Prince Academy.


Blade Prince Academy was created by the Black Mages – founders and rulers of Abjectalia – to train a generation of child soldiers, spies and assassins with magical powers and high fighting skills.

Phoebos is captured, his memory is erased, and he is enrolled in Blade Prince Academy with hundreds of other teenagers: the Little Blade Princes. He forgets temporarily his past, his family, his promise to fight for a world of peace and love.

First of all, the characters controlled by the player work for Abjectalia and the Black Mages as pawns of the system. They complete different missions to protect the city, its inhabitants, and the interests of their masters.

Second of all, Phoebos – the main character – recovers the memory of his past life. Then, with his companions, he seeks to change the totalitarian system, make the lives of the inhabitants better and thwart the plans of the Black Mages.

Blade Prince Academy is a real-time tactical RPG with tactical pause which is set in a Dark Fantasy & Cyberpunk world.

You take control of 4 students from Blade Prince Academy and have to fight the dark forces of Abjectalia, a city controlled by violence and hatred. The game offers a Hub & Mission gameplay loop in which you can manage your team and your gear in the academy before going on a mission.

The missions are varied and you will have to face different groups of mobs depending on the area where you are. You can choose from 12 different heroes for your team and take advantage of the tactical pause to manage your positioning and your attacks.

The game also has a relationship system that impacts your heroes’ stats depending on their relationships, as well as pacts that give buffs and debuffs. Finally, you can use a skill tree to enhance your heroes and unlock new spells, and choose from different abilities to customize your characters.

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