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In our video game creation studio, we develop our projects and also yours!
Angel Corp would like to share with you its expertise for the creation of your video game projects.
Our whole team will mobilize to guide you in your endeavors and to realize your wildest ideas!

Video games

Our company can advise you on the creation of your video game, but also ensure its technical and art development.
We offer a wide range of services to help you and satisfy you, such as game designing, programming or even playtesting.

Communication & Digital Marketing

Today, our company offers communication and digital marketing services for other companies. For example, we offer audits to assess the communication needs of your structure and help you to define a strategy adapted to your objectives. We also create attractive and professional websites which will allow you to make yourself known on the web and to grow your online business. We put our expertise and our savoir-faire at your disposal to guide you in your digital development. Feel free to contact us to get more information about our services.

Video game services

Game Design Document (GDD)

The game design document is a document which contains all the information about the creation of a video game, including the presentation of the concept, the game mechanics, the art aspects and the intended emotions for the player. If you have any ideas for a game, you can contact the team to talk about it and work together on its creation.


Graphic Design

Our multimedia content creation studio offers 2D and 3D graphic design services, including concept art, illustrations, game art, high and low poly modeling, texturing, and animations. The visual is important for the design of a video game, so it is important to choose a good graphic designer. We offer a quality graphic design and we are at your disposal to meet your needs as well as to help develop your projects.


Level Design

Level design and the game design document are both important for the creation of a video game. Level design defines the level layout, the pace of the game, and the tutorials, whereas the game design document describes the game mechanics and the intended emotions for the player. Level design uses mechanics defined in the game design document to decide on the use of the game elements and the type of obstacles to include in order to challenge and entertain the player.


We can program your game, even if you already have the graphic design, the design document and the level design. We can implement the game engine following the steps of analyzing, designing, testing, and fixing. The programmer will integrate all the visual, musical and menu information into the interfaces of your project and add all your digital assets. Finally, we will check your project to detect bugs in order to ensure its proper functioning.

Test sessions

We conduct quality test sessions to detect bugs in your projects. We organize diagnosis to check all the features and fix the errors hidden in the game. We use the game design document as reference to ensure that the elements of the initial design are met. Performing quality tests and debugging is important to guarantee that your product can be commercialized without any visual or technical problem. These tests allow to perfect the game in every detail.

Communication & Digital Marketing Services

Audit & Strategy

The preparation of a Marketing & Communication audit is important to grow your business and reach your goals. At Angel Corp, we offer to carry out your audit and guide you in the definition of your Marketing & Communication strategy. We analyze and carry out an internal and external diagnosis of your company in order to simplify your decision making for future investments and projects.

Creation of your website

Nowadays, a website is essential to make your company known and attract new clients. It is the communication channel of your company with your clients and it may drive your business forward. At Angel Corp, we offer the creation of a 100% customized website that is adapted to your business and its needs. Your website will allow you to detail all your products and services. Feel free to contact us to realize your websites ideas.

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